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NHES Web Tax & New Hire Reporting System
Welcome to the New Hampshire Internet Unemployment Tax and Wage Report & New Hire Reporting System.
This System is unavailable from 12:30am-3:30am daily (Eastern Standard Time) for system maintenance.
You will be able to file your Employer Quarterly Tax and Wage Report online with the option of remitting your payment through electronic funds transfer (EFT). You may also pay a prior balance due, view your tax rates and make profile changes to your account information. You may also file your New Hire Reports. You are required to certify that the information is correct and submit it using the secured server. Before you exit the process, a confirmation number will be given which you should retain for your records.

The WebTax application may only be used by employers with no more than 1000 employees. If you have 1001 or more employees you must file the wage report by Magnetic Media (Diskette) or CD, the tax report on hard copy and mail together to the address indicated on the report. To file your quarterly Unemployment Insurance Tax and Wage Report online, please have the following information available:
  • -- Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • -- Password
  • -- Employees' Social Security Numbers
  • -- Employees' last name and first initial
  • -- Employees' gross wages for the quarter being filed
  • -- Excess amount of wages over the taxable wage base (line 9 from the Tax Report)
You have three options for filing your Wage Report:
  1. Manually enter employees wages: employees' names and SSN's will be displayed on the wage entry page based on the information filed in the previous quarter. You will then need to manually enter gross wage amounts and add/or delete employees.
  2. Upload data from your file: Click on the link for upload requirement instructions.
  3. File a "No Employment Report" if you have no employees to report for the quarter.
Sufficient time is allowed to complete the online report. For security reasons, if each screen is not completed within 20 minutes, a "time out" occurs and you will be disconnected. It is important that you have all the above information available prior to beginning the process.

In order to access WebTax & New Hire Reporting application, you must have a New Hampshire Unemployment account number and an active account in the New Hampshire Unemployment Insurance System (NHUIS). If you are not currently set up with a NHUIS UI Account, go to Register New UI Account or click the "New UI Account Registration" button below. You will be directed to the NHUIS main page. When you register in NHUIS, you will be issued a temporary password. You must immediately use that password to sign on to NHUIS again and establish your permanent password. Once those steps are completed you can return to WebTax & New Hire Reporting and Log on.

File your Tax and Wage Report, New Hire Reports, make online payment or view tax rates, click the "Next" button below.

  TECHNOLOGY NEEDS:   This application has been tested with the browser versions of Internet Explorer 8.0
             and Firefox 24. You may use these versions and lower.
Excel Upload requirements instruction (For WebTax only). CSV Upload requirements instruction (For WebTax only).
Established filing periods for preceding quarters:
  1st Quarter: ending March 31stavailable to file April 1st due April 30th
  2nd Quarter: ending June 30thavailable to file July 1st due July 31st
  3rd Quarter: ending September 30thavailable to file October 1st due October 31st
  4th Quarter: ending December 31stavailable to file January 1st due January 31st
  Reports will be considered timely filed if filed no later than midnight (EST) within 2 business days after the due date

    For Login or Password related questions,

    Please call Phone #: 603-223-6100
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