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File Uploading Instructions

bullet NH-UI wage file upload specifications using a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

  • Open an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Format all cells to text.
  • IMPORTANT!  Format all cells to TEXT.
  • Using 4 columns with no headings the contents will be as follows:
  • Social security number - must be entered as a 9-digit number, no hyphenation. If the SSN is not available fill with zeros.
  • Employee last name - max of 35 alphanumeric spaces, no punctuation (commas, periods, hyphens), any leading letters (O, D, etc.) must not be separated from the rest of the last name by a blank but can be separated by an apostrophe. Sr. Jr. and numeric designation must follow the last name. Examples: JONES, JONESJR, SMITHIII, OCONNELL, O'CONNELL.
  • Employee first initial.
  • Gross wage amount - max of 8 digits before decimal and 2 digits after. All numeric (no dollar signs, or commas). Must be a positive figure no negative amount is to appear.
  • Starting in Row 1 of Column A of the spreadsheet enter or paste your wage information as outlined. One row per employee.
  • There can be no more than 1000 rows.
  • Save and close your file.
  • Use the browse button on the upload page to locate the file.
  • Click the upload button.
Sample of how your excel spread sheet should look: excel example
Notice! Click Here for an Excel Spreadsheet starter template with all cells formatted to 'Text'

Notice! Click Here for Excel Spreadsheet formatting instructions.


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